Celebrating My Sister’s 26th Birthday

By Jane @ 1:56 pm. Posted In: Personal

I can’t believe she’s 26. I still see her as this 18 year-old kid in jeans and hoodies. But she’s grown to be a responsible adult who is good at saving money and still has her crass sense of humor. I just want to share pics from her birthday dinner at Jaleo’s, this tapas place in Crystal City. It’s one of my favorite places to dine because I like the ambiance and the food is pretty good. I wish I took more photos but her friends didn’t want to get their photos taken which is understandable so instead I took photos of the place. Enjoy!

03.13.2011 Launch!

By Jane @ 1:02 am. Posted In: Announcements,Personal

My website has officially launched! Thank you to Julie for designing my site that truly reflects my style and to David for the research and time in coding my site out. It’s been a long overdue on my part but God provided me such a talented team who happened to be my really close friends. I really like my site :-) Feel free to leave comments and subscribe! And don’t forget to click the Like button on my Facebook fan page!

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